May 7th, 2002



Have you ever met a person who qoutes lots of funny movies and tells lots of funny jokes, but never thinks of anything orignal that is even the slightest bit amusing? I work with such a man. Now I admit, Monty Python qoutes can be good times, but only in moderation! He qouted the same line so many times my face hurt from putting on a fake smile and laugh. Hmmph

There is soooo much tension and stress in my house right now. Jake runs around like he's about to snap and kill himself, others, or perhaps both. My father just moans and grunts as he watches all our money go down the drain. At least my mom seems sane. I...I don't know how I feel....I'll get back to me on that one.

I found a roommate! Haha, only one day after posting my want-ad. Who could down such an attractive guy like myself? No one.

Tomorrow I shall go buy myself tickets to two different showings of Star Wars Episode 2. I plan on seeing it twice when it comes out. I got the day off from work and I will enjoy it thouroughly. This movie is going to be AMAZING. How do I know? The force.
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