May 8th, 2002


I just died in your arms tonight.

You are reading the words of the proud owner of two Star Wars Episode Two tickets! One to the midnight showing, one to a 4 o' clock showing the same day. Huzzah! Oh what joyous occasion it will be when I sit triumphantly in my seat and enjoy over two hours of blissful fantasy.

Let's talk about my day off:
Highlights include
-Star Wars Tickets!
-Watching the Empire Strikes Back (notice i'm in a haze of obsession?)
-Recording a song entitled "Peace And Quiet"
-Eating at Subway

Lowlights included
-Forgetting to turn in my senior project
-Having a sore throat

Eric from Viagravated really likes the track "Bridges" off our cd. I think it's a darn good song. Minus the crappy vocals. I'm rather self-concious about my singing. You see, I'm not a singer. I'm just what we've got. I don't know. I get all sensitive and depressed.

Changing subjects.

When I'm out of my house, I will have you all over for a plethora of partying and sweet sweet love. Do look forward to it.

-Signing off
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    The Bad Religion...and the Modest Mouse. (Again!)