May 10th, 2002



Well today went by oh so very fast.

I mowed the lawn and almost died. Numerous times, may I add.

I went to work and had a very insightful meeting.

I then went to the metropolis of Portland and picked Bianca up. She greeted me with a card, cookies, a zine, and a mix-tape. I felt like a God of sorts.

Back to forest grove we went, and a lovely trip it was. Jen, B, and I ventured to the ocean and then Jen and I ventured back. (We disposed of B's freshly murdered corpse). A grand time was at the local Subway as you may have read or experienced. The discussions on the way home ranged from deep to trivial, as they often do with Jen and I.

A 1.5 hour meeting was held by Jake and I. Progress will save us all!
"and progress is a message that we send
one step closer to the future
one inch closer to the end
I say progress is a synonym of time
we are all aware of it but it's nothing we refine" -Bad Religion

Yes, that was "What does Bad Religion have to say about it" Time.

Have a goodnight dear friends.

Oh and, the Episode Two Review tally stands at:

Attack of the Clones REVIEWS

-The bbc
-The Mirror
-Howard Stern
-Rolling Stone
-CBBC Newstand
-The Sun
-The Arrow
-E! Online
-The Independent
-New York Times (Note, they gave Empire Strikes back a stunningly negative review in 1980!) So take this with a grain of salt!
-Fox News
-Times UK
-Hollywood Reporter
-The Guardian UK
-Ebert and Roeper
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