May 16th, 2002



What an odd...gray...odd....?

The cheering, shouting, laughing, and all around rioting good time made watching Star Wars last night the best time I've had ever had watching a movie. I do thouroughly enjoy such said film.

I awoke today numerous times, my body not quite used to sleeping in. I gave up on sleep and got on the net to read other folk's reviews of AOTC and I listened to Bad Religion's live broadcast.

I went and bought a book. I saw the movie again with my dad, and my day started to get odd...

I went to find Val's birthday party, It took me awhile

The marine's have brainwashed my old friend Chris Davis. I was so shocked to see him so spiteful and nazi like.

Red Robins? Odd. Target? Odder

Carlee seems affectionate towards me. Am I affectionate back? uhhh... I did hump her? That's entertainment!

oi...I feel so...gray. I was listening to Snoop Diggity Dawg in the car.

I predict that Anakin becomes the famed "darth vader" Don't qoute me on this, but I just have this hunch.