May 19th, 2002


Can you see?

So I saw Episode Two again, 3 times now. And a scored a pass for a free show! 4 times by the end of this week, I predict.

Work today was another 8 hours. Another 50 or so dollars. Another day of my life helping the elderly. Another one bites the dust. Another day. Another brother. Another mother. I want to smother. You in my sweet loving.

This third time seeing the movie was the best. I stopped trying to suck everything in and I just sat back and let it envelope me. Very enjoyable. Like wrapping yourself in a pancake.

He hints that he wants me to take him. I'm trying to seem helpless.

I've been working a ton with Benjamin Lopez as of late. He's known as Ben One and I am Ben Two. He's a really cool guy. Interesting dichatomy. I spelled that wrong I think..

It seems to me that all my posts are really lame. Nothing interesting goes on in my life. I work and go to school and see movies.

I flunked my chemistry test. And somehow everyone in the school knows about it...odd...
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Oh the pure joy of it!

DownfallRecords: What is your favorite food?
OldGravyChica: eh......I would no have no idea.......what's yours?
DownfallRecords: The flesh of a newborn suckling
OldGravyChica: eh.....not so much