May 21st, 2002


What Ho?

What's this? Making out? The back seat of a car? Eminem on the radio? Coolers on the floor? The Lake?!?! No emotional attachment?!? A boyhood fantasy come true? Either way, I laughed quite a bit.

I have this insatiable urge to see Star Wars again, but I will not have time until this weekend. Sadly, I'll have to wait.

I did my math and I figured the following...

My week:
30 hours of school
33 hours of work
4 hours of band business

That's 67 hours of work.

I'll assume I sleep 7 hours a night...

35 hours of sleep.

I'm busy 102 out every 168 hours a week has! Curses!

I'm going to sleep now.

It's Quiet

School today was actually rather painless. I didn't do much, just sat back and watched the time go by. Dark matter in Astronomy. It's rather interesting to fit religion and science together. Science has practically become another religion though, and religion has become...blah.

Here is a recap of the day:

640: wake up, shower, shave, eat
740: go to school
1240: leave school go to 185th
147: arrive home and eat
400: quit doing homework and take a nap
520: Crawl out of bed
630: Get together with band and work
900: Get back, enjoy the evening, watch some Star Wars
946: Post on livejournal

We have two free shows this week. Two of them. Count em, 1 and 2. Go to one of them...go to both....please?

So it'd been an odd day. Last night fresh on the mind and bringing much laughter and cursing to my heart and soul.

I bought Bad Religion's "80-85" album today. A collection of their really trashy thrashy earlier works. Interesting songs. I do like quite a few, and of the course the lyrics are very interesting, as with every one of their songs.

Obiwan Kenobi is such a tragic figure. He only gives and never takes and then dies.

I miss you Obi
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