May 23rd, 2002



Well, we played a somewhat crappy show. It wasn't horrible, but we could have done better. Maybe it's a combination of being sick and stressed and tired and bad. Haha.

We sold 13 of our cds though, not bad for the pitifully small crowd.

Some girl told us we sucked, I think she's mean.
Actually, in all my years being in this band (not many) I've only had two people tell me they didn't like us. Which is kinda nice.

Went to Poisen the Well and Glassjaw. Saw Claire and B. They screamed a lot. So did the bands.


Today Sucked

Indeed it did, kids, indeed it did. Barely a thing redeemable about it. Perhaps the hour I spent in Star Wars land, but nothing else.

This is going to be the weekend from hell. I do not believe I'll live through it. If not, I will the following:

To Kyle: My luck with the ladies
To Jen: My James Taylor albums (I know you'll at least slightly appricate them)

Heh, I think I hate everyone else.
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