May 26th, 2002


Take Control!!!!'s been..quite the weekend.

Our show on Saturday was a jolly good time. Much better than that pizza place disaster. We graced the outdoors with our music and my hotness. By the end of the night all the boys had bought our cd's and all the girls had swooned to unconciousness.


So my co-worker Mat Marin threw some parties this weekend. I was able to participate in the filth and debauchery that is post-highschool to-loserish-for-college lifestyle. And what good times. I gunned down 4 ROOT BEERS in 20 minutes. Slow down there buddy! All the other people got drunk...I think they might have been drinking something besides cola.

Tomorrow I'm back out with my good pal and soon-to-be roommate Erik to search furthermore for an apartment. Oh the good times to be had.

I saw Star Wars again tonight. 4 times and counting. If you have not seen this movie, you are such a loser. And if you have seen it more than twice, you are such a loser too.

I really need to do something tonight. To keep my mind off the work ahead this upcoming week. Chess anyone?
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