May 28th, 2002


When I was a kid I thought...

...I wanted all the things that I havn't got

Work tonight was nice. Jan and I paraded about cleaning and re-setting and laughing and I pretended to be facist but I preteneded too hard and ending up sticking our dishwasher in the oven and then Jan got mad and she hit me and I cried and she tried to comfort me but I stabbed her in the throat with a fork and she bled and just kept looking at me with these pleading eyes until she gagged and died.

Seed the truth out of that one, kids.

So my senior project speech and board turned out to be very easy. Once Thursday is over school is all downhill. I'm looking forward to it like a virgin on his wedding night.

Boy was Graisberry hotttt today! So was Jen Turner! So was that other chick that sits on the other side. So was KT. So was Chris Kenoyer. Man, everyone was hot today. Greg the retarded dishwasher was even kinda hot. So was

I'm all hot n' bothered.
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