May 29th, 2002


I've fallen into the darkside

I hate Bill Krause. He is the most idiotic, immature, insecure, dillusioned, sexist, lying bigot I know. And sadly, I work with him. Shut up Bill. Just shut up. Yeah, act all tough by swearing and hitting things. OOOO I'm really impressed. I hate you. I want you to die.

Anger, fear, aggression...the dark side they are!

uggh. Mat showed up at work though. It was really nice to have a chat with him. We spoke of immature guy things....girls, the hotness of them, the making out with them, and the pain caused by them making out without us. Wow, I'm different.

The hatred is consuming me...

I have my lovely speech tomorrow...I'm kind of rehearsed. I can do it, no problem. It's just a matter of the grade I desire. Honestly, I don't care.

Jen is giving me the weather tomorrow. How cool is that?
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