May 31st, 2002



Ah, the perverbial day off. Spent toiling under the facist thumb of the WFWA. I did, however, meet a young lady with a Lars Frederickson and the Bastards t-shirt. We then spoke of his concert and bonded over ghetto street punk.

Jen took me out to lunch today. It was great. I didn't think I could pull the free lunch thing off, but fortunately my great talents prevailed. I thank her.

Have I ever told you all how much I adore the man they named James Taylor? What wonderful tunes he chooses to create for our listening pleasure? Why just now his video is blaring music out of my television and into my ears and I can't help but smile. His guitar playing skills are amazing. His voice so soothing and resonant. He crafts pop songs like a God from the heavens. I love James Taylor. Almost as much as I HATE BILL KRAUSE
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