June 2nd, 2002


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Livejournal is certaintly being uncooperative today. Every time I wish to get somewhere it tells me "Page not Found" and then I must refresh it numerous times until the piece of crap program realizes it has a brain. On that note, hello.

Perhaps I shall recap the events of Saturday. They ranged from Heartwarming community service to wicked debauchery. I questioned myself many-a-time yesterday. It was...disturbing?

Once again I became the pawn of the satanic WFWA as I moved a freezer from house to house. Actually, I barely touched it. It was quite the waste of time. I then proceeded to work for 9.5 hours, slaving away at the Alterra Wynwood of Forest Grove. I seem to be there quite a lot these days.

Oh what a night.

I need help. The making out has got to stop. So bad...but it feels so good....like listening to Enrique.

Random bits and pieces:

-Suzie left me a note on my mirror, it's kind of sweet but at the same time I fear she may be lurking in my house, waiting to kill me.
-I have this sadistic desire for Pakistan and India to start a nuclear war. SHHH
-Bubblegum soda can't be good for the teeth. But I've had 3.
-You can lead a man to reason but you can't make him think.

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Making out?

Yes making out! Pointless, animalistic, ravaging making out. For hours apon hours! I can't do this to myself anymore. In the last month...good lord! What am I doing?!?! I'm a slut!!!!

I must be a good boy I must be a good boy. No more women. No more no more.

Making out?!?! Dashboard?!?! AHHHH!!! I got what I wanted and it's overwhelmed me. Help me. help me.


Worked 10 hours today after 4.5 hours of sleep. Why the little sleep? Maybe cause I was MAKING OUT. AHHHH!!!! I can't hide!
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