June 3rd, 2002


My Journal Entry

I'm rather out of it currently. The huge amount of activity I was involved with this weekend has caught up to me and is now giving me swift kicks to the hind quarters.

Today? It started with breakfast in English. No, the English went to breakfast. I had juice and was honest. CWI was stupid. Except for a couple amusing speeches. Time travel and hate groups. Astronomy was alrigiht. Second to last time I will ever sit there with Mr. Fitz yelling. We had a dart war, I won. I wrote my CWI paper. It's...interesting. I guess? Mostly just luke-warm air blown out of my ears. I hung out with Suzanne today, which was nice. Havn't chilled with her in like 1.5 years. Still the real cool chick I remembered. Needs to work on the golfing skills though.

My parents made me talk to them tonight. It wasn't too bad. Memories of Star Wars, books, and adultery.