June 4th, 2002


My babies are your babies

And your babies are cute.

Once again I worked with Bill Krause. Let's move on.

Today was another school day, one of the last few I will ever experience (as far as highschool is concerned) I've discovered I only need a 14 percent on chemistry final to keep my grade, so no studying whatsoever will be attempted.

Tomorrow will be a much better day of school. It will be the last time I ever attend 3 of my classes. Also, the senior wills are coming out, and I want to feel special. I do hope I'm willed more than twice. Oh I do I do I do.

I've concluded I'm now addicted to my band. If we havn't done anything in over 5 days I feel guilty and unproductive and then I'm forced to get things arranged. It's probably not a bad thing though. I truely believe our band can make it, it's only a matter of how much we are willing to try. And how long we are willing to wait. Sadly, I'm not sure if everyone of us has the will to wait it out. We'll see.

I'm done.
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