June 5th, 2002


I I I I I I I Gotta Go

I did my last piece of homework EVER tonight. And to mark how I feel about highschool I COPIED IT. All 14 pages. I've fallen as low as one can go? What's next? A question I fear to answer.

So the senior wills came in late today and I didn't get a copy. The only time I've ever cared about a paper and I didn't get one. I'm frustrated and anxious. I just wanna see my name...just once...please?

I really need to go see Star Wars again, but I've not the money nor the time.. Maybe Friday...just maybe. Huzzah! The bliss.

I'm really enjoying this ambient/acoustic/soft cd I had Tim make for me. What lovely songs I picked. I even listened to it 3 times in a row while making out. That's a lot of lovin.

I BK'd at work again tonight...yeah...woo. Bill tells me that he was shot once. A gangbanger was gonna shoot a girl and he dived to take the bullet in the chest. I could barely contain my laughter. If only he'd just once tell the truth.

My sister is in the room. She told me hi.

Wow what a pathetic entry.
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