June 6th, 2002


You are the militia

Monumental Event in A Boy's Life: The Last Day of Highschool

I sit here in the dark, drinking water after eating a number of wheatthins and I think to myself: School is over. Highschool, the enigma itself, is over. No more. Finished. Forever. And yet it doesn't really move me. It hasn't really registered. When September rolls around I'm not going back to Forest Grove Highschool. There will be no dreading, no sense of doom. I'm done. What?

I wanted to get teary and emotional today, but I didn't. I shook hands, told my classmates it'd been a pleasure sitting in the desks with them. I flirted with some girls I liked flirting with. I swore a lot, for no good reason but for the sake that I never really swore in highschool. I read the senior wills and enjoyed them. I let Mr. Kunkel know that I really thought his class had a validity to it that was rare these days. I hope he knew I was sincere. I flunked a chemistry final and walked out triumphant. I don't believe it's set it. This plight that has run my life for four years is done. It's seemed an eternity. I found out a young lady had a crush on me, which was...I'm not too sure.

I worked with Bill again tonight. To my disgust I fear I'm developing a tolerance towards him. What?!?

More to come.
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