June 8th, 2002


The pain of bleeding

Today was another Saturday in a long history of busy Saturdays. I did indeed work from 7-3. I did indeed have a productive band practice. Afterwords, me and Jake worked on laying out some riffs for our new funk/deathmetal band. We need a name though, any ideas?

I went into the lovely town of Beaverton to give my crappy little crate amp to Jason for him to use for his practice sessions. Viagravated invited me to stay, drink beer, and enjoy good music but I feared I'd succumb to evil deeds if I did, so I rejected them.

I'm not sure what I'm up to tonight. I should be going to bed early, to heal and to prepare for another early day at work. The kids, however, want me to go out and party and I fear they may win. Pray for me.
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    The Get Up Kids' "On a Wire"