June 10th, 2002


The Jen Turner

the jen turner: as long as i still breathe air...
DownfallRecords: The air that meaks you sick
the jen turner: i've been meaked sick!
the jen turner: i should go to bed before the meaking continues
DownfallRecords: lol
DownfallRecords: You mocm me?
the jen turner: as always, love
DownfallRecords: stop the mocm
the jen turner: you're so mocmable


I graduate tomorrow. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. Of course I'm happy to be out of school, but I don't feel any huge excitement or anticipation. I'm sure it'll come with the passage of hours. We'll see.

I do believe my tommorrow is packed with a plethora of exciting events. Graduation pracitce, getting fitted for tuxes, graduation, grad night,etc. My days off are always a bummer.

doot doot

I spent this evening with coworkers, both working and enjoying a movie at Jan's house. We watched "Behind Enemy Lines" The story is a patriotic bliss of heroic action, and the explosions are pretty large and luminous.

So James Taylor's new album "October Road" is out in stores on August 13th. I've been waiting six years. That puts Weezer to shame. Good Lord. I can't wait. It will officially be the highlight of my summer.

On that note, I leave
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