June 12th, 2002


The Events

Quite a few things have happened to me over the last day or so. It's 230, I've just woken up, and now I'll try to sort them out in some kind of order.

Tuesday morning was graduation practice. It started out smooth and then went to utter chaos. It was long and boring and I felt no more united with the class of 2002 than I had before-hand. After being freed from that debacle, my sister and I traveled to the mall so I could get fitted for a tux. That didn't take much time, but then she spent an hour in Victoria's secret. Though looking at panties and joking around is a great bit of fun, it does get old. I think I pissed off a bunch of young ladies with my comments.


My car. The clamp blows. The coolant leeks. The engine dies. We're stranded on Sunset Highway and it's really hot. Fortunately the lovely Chris Kenoyer just happens to drive by and out of the hundreds and hundreds of cars that have passed by us he actually stops. Finally we get ahold of my dad and he comes out to help me. After many an hour of stress and toil the car finally gets to a shop. It looks to be around 800 dollars of damage. A bit depressing, yes.

It's graduation time kiddos, so here's the recap. I donned by Jedi robes and entered the University. Thanking Chris Kenoyer and bribing him to say "rockstar" for my future plans. It turned out he didn't say it, but Erin Kemper did, so she's my godess. The ceremony itself went pretty smoothly. I enjoyed it all except for Bush's speech. Pack your parachute. Haha. I actually got cheered for when my name was called which was very shocking and refreshing to me (I know it was the rockstar thing). I hugged Kunkel and walked off the stage.

Afterwords there was the normal huh-bub with family and friends and then I was quickly off to go shower and change. Gradnight time. Now gradnight had a lot riding on its shoulders. It's supposed to be an incredibally magical, fun time that bonds us together and makes the four years of hell worth it all. And in fact, it did a pretty good job.

Our goodie bags included little memory books for the kids to sign and cameras for us to goof off with which was a lovely idea. I love the sentimental value of writing in someone elses book. And I'll really thouroughly enjoy reading mine once I'm able to locate it in my mess of clothes.

The first bus I got on was headed towards bullwinkles. It was loud and rambuncious but I didn't really have anyone to talk to. I survived though and made it to Bullwinkles. That place was great. The free thing was a very good idea indeed. I spent a lot of time in the gokarts and the rollercoaster simulation and didst enjoy them both. I bonded with Marie, this German chick I'd always sorta kinda known. I had good times with Valerie, I felt I owed her some of my time because she's always been there for me. I got a bit closer to Brenden, he too looked like he wasn't sure who to hang out with, so he was my buddy.

We left at 2 in the morning and headed towards the downtown portland. We'd be boarding the Spirit of Portland and heading down the Willamette. I boarded another bus, and enjoyed this one better with people I could have more of a conversation with. We arrived and hung out on the waterfront waiting for the boat to get ready. Much more bonding there, photographs, laughs, book-writings, etc.

The boat itself had a ton of cool things to do. Gambling, dancing, dance dance revolution (it's all the rage) portrait painting, and lots of food. I spent most my time on the roof, in the cool air watching the city go by. Me and Crystal had a really cool time together. I've always known she is an awesome girl, but I've never really hung out with her all that much for a couple years. I kind of regret it now, but what can you do?

The highlight of the morning came as Dan, Caitlin, myself, and several others sat on the roof of the sailing ship and looked to the sun, watching it come up over Portland. It was really beautiful and definitely the highlight of anything highschool related in my life.

The bus ride back is hazy.

-Brenden for being a friend
-Crystal for remembering memorable memories
-Bethany for being her cool self
-Dan for being his cool self
-Tracy for putting up with my oddities
-Caitlin for laughing at my jokes and giving me a ride home
-Marie for being Austrian

I can't wait to get my pictures developed. I'm off to work in 45 minutes. That's all.