June 13th, 2002



Wow, ever since grad night I've not quite been sure what day or time it is. I'm still a bit lost. I know I did some things though over the last 24 hours....hmmm..

The Mat Marin and I travelled long and far to a distant Sharis last night in order to scope and and hopefully obtain a batch of young ladies. Arriving at the restuarant we found a bug on our table. It was the start of a very long and painful night, that was fun-filled none-the-less. Our waitress was very VERY hostile towards us. I think she knew why we were there. I asked for a refill of (tasteless) lemonade numerous times and she kept telling me she'd do it. Eventually we left w/out one refill! Oh curses.

We were able to obtain several glances and several waves from the young ladies, which satiated our need for contact, for a bit at least. We then drove around the Hillsboro area yelling at people and listening to horrible pop-punk music via Mat's radio. All in all, a refreshing night.

I did indeed chill with the Jen Turner also. She, being the kind lady she is, did drive me around to run my ridiculous errands this afternoon. I got my pictures from grad night developed and what fun they turned out to be. I must say, I look very good.

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    Trail of Dead

The Punk Music Sucks....well...most of it

Listening to Bill's collection of the punk rock music tonight led me to the realization that I really hate 95 percent of punk rock. It's not threatening, it's not unique, it's not insightful, and it doesn't challenge you. There are now just two punk bands that can truely hold my attention on a regular basis. The Rancid and the Bad Religion.

7 Reasons why Bad Religion is one of the few good punk bands left
1.Their lyrics have a message
2.Guitar Solos!
3.Beautiful Melodies and Harmonies
5.22 years of playing punk music=validity
6. Dictionary rock: "precious tomes to fuel your pulpy conflagrations" "dire perpetuation and incongruous insistence"
7. Not afraid to change their style every once in awhile

4 Reasons why Rancid is one of the few good punk bands left
1. Hardcore, oi, streetpunk, reggae, hiphop, and ska. You can find all these styles in a complete Rancid Discography
2. Mohawks!
3. Tim's voice. So gravelly, so strained, so slurred, so punk
4. Matt Freeman is THE bass god. Listen to the solo on "Axiom" and die from shock.