June 16th, 2002


And the thunder rolls

Another day has passed and here I sit telling a few friends all about it. I don't know how personal to get, I'm scared, I'm excited, I'm just a boy.

Today started with an annoying clang and a yip-yanger-aroo. My car, of course, was not ready when they claimed it would be so goal one was to find a ride. That ride came in the form of my mother. "Who is this mellow fellow?" She asked as The Get Up Kids came onto the sterio.

Erik and I cruised the town. I enjoyed the fact that he calls woman dirty names and he enjoyed the fact I make dead-baby jokes. Our house is going to be interesting. ALERT TO SALESPEOPLE: Even if your apartments are everything we are looking for, if you are stupid and/or a jerk, we don't want the apartment! Even if it's heaven. Arr. I wish people were...different.

I arrived at Caitlin's graduation party and it was exactly as I expected! Lots of family members that didn't talk to me and lots of kids from school I never ever have talked to. It was....akward, yes. Whitney showed up though, at least we can talk on some level. It was far from amazing, but hardly horrible. She enjoyed my card. I enjoyed her hippie-uncle who just plain rocks.

I dressed up for band practice in flaming orange shorts and a ghetto fabulous seventies shirt with huge lapels. I was so comfortable yet so ugly.

Sweet Rock n Roll: Coming together...interesting...
Newer Song: Coming together, really cool

A quick shower was taken and it was off to see "We were soldiers" A powerful, emotion driven film yes....but a bit...propagan·dist methinks. At least it portrayed the Vietnamese as human though, which was nice. Even the little yellow men had girlfriends...huzzah

As far as members of the female species are concerned..........................................................................

Whoah ooo oh whoah oo oh possibilities
Take you home with me
In your arms

I never thought I'd do that
Take me all the way
And let your body stay

You're gone
You're gone
You're gone to stay

How ambiguous can you get Mr. Cuomo? What ever happened to this....

Why are you so far away from me?
I need help and you're way across the sea
I could never touch you
I think it would be wrong
I've got your letter
You've got my song
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Yes, let's

I'm feeling dead and alive and a little shaded, jaded, and paraded. It's an oxymoron.


Today I slept in on accident and missed my big return to sanctity. Figures.

We had the graduation party. It was somewhat pleasant, I had a good talk with Ray and Andy (old family friends) about music and shows and bands and how cool people are. It was akward at times, as I expected. I got a lot of money though and I also recieved many a household item.

The Jen Turner showed up....it was time to hit the streets. My lovely car was washed in multi-colors and it entranced me to no end. The night was magical already. The new Goodwill outlet is a DUMP. I mean...uggh...It's like...the trashiest place ever. It makes all the other Goodwills look like Sax Fifth Avenenue. Insane?

Addictions closed
Borders closed
Target closed
Paris closed
Guitar Center closed
Washington Square closed


Frusration but do not fear! Good times had none the less. We visited B, the sexy little moth herself. It was hot. Her house is cool and her cat is way fat. We saw a guy in a restuarant with a huge head and then he went into the restroom for a very long time. I think he was masturbating and Jen thinks he was giving birth. Either way, I fear him dead.

Jen and I made our way home, going to 185th. I got my dad some presents. Lottery tickets and a card. Cheap, humerous, and efficent.

Now I am home and tired. The Jen Turner will be leaving tomorrow for a VERY LONG TIME which is really depressing considering she is a splendid person to hang out with. We make the coolest team ever.



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