June 18th, 2002


Let's set our hair on fire


Let's see here. Hmmm. Monday.

I worked all day. I have imaginary characters and storylines from the Star Wars universe going through my head at all times and yesterday at work I killed off the main character, ending that storyline that had been lasting for about a month. It was kind of sad. Ah well, he went to the darkside anyways. I have a new character though, and I look forward to furthering his progress.

Yeah, I'm weird. But it's really cool. You look out a car window and see buildings. I look out a car window and see amazingly alien achitect, speeders on the ground, spaceships leaving the port, and many hundreds of species conversing together. I rule.

Last night I went to target to spend my gift certificate but I couldn't really find anything that really reached out to me and said "Buy me!" I went to Goodwill and found THE COOLEST SHIRT EVER but it was one size too small. It was so tragic.


Let's see. Talked on the Phone with Erin for about 1/2 hour which was really nice, considering I hadn't talked to her in a long while.

Time Passed.

Talked to Caitlin on the phone for quite awhile and enjoyed it thouroughly. We discussed all the finer things in life: sex, cousins, my bad attitude, and our plans for the week.

Time Passed.

I fell asleep.
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