June 20th, 2002



Yes folks, my life is falling apart. I'm listening to Eminem and I've watched Meet Joe Black twice in the last two days. I'm a sick sick person and I deserve to be shot.

Now, with that out of the way....

The Wednesday:

!!! I made them all rhyme. How cool am I?

The Thursday:

Lots of job searching. Darn stupid Alterra. Not giving me enough hours! Don't they care? Go to http://www.assisted.com and send them hatemail for me.

My car is SO HOT (not the cool hot mind you, but the heat hot). I was drenched in sweat numerous times throughout my day. I'm considering carrying deoderant with me, but wait. It'd probably melt. Arr. I'm gonna need to get a cooler.

I have to eat dinner w/ the family tonight at the Olive Garden. Afterwords....who knows....


Oh, the drama
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