June 21st, 2002



Hmm. I took myself out on a date tonight.

First Stop:
Jake's house. He met me wrapped in a towel, very sexy. I've missed him a lot lately. We talked for awhile, made plans, listened to eachother's problems, etc. It was nice, though I left still missing him.

Second Stop:
Starbucks on 185th. I'm walking by a group of people when one waves at me. This alissa chick I had math with last year. I'm sucked into this group of forest grove/gaston/banks graduates and I listen to them talk for a long time. The girls were all rather good looking and the guys rather jockish and I felt out of place but enjoyed it at the same time. It was new, it was different, it was.

Third Stop:
I figure I'll hit the Sharis and see what's up there. Whamo, Jonah, Becky, and this chick whose named has left me are there. We chill, celebrate strawberries, and laugh it up. I love Sharis. Even the robots.

Now I'm home and...


My plans are falling apart. My empire is crumbling. And the kids think I'm fat.

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    cynical cynical

I'm going emo

:: Le Sigh ::

Shopping List
-Old man socks
-Big black-rimmed glasses
-Shaggy hair
-Really tight obscure t-shirts
-Array of emo albums from Rites of Spring to Sunny Day Real Estate
-A life