June 24th, 2002



Hey ladies, here's your chance!

Wanted: A girl who meets the following requirements:

-Listens to all of the following: Indie/punk/pop/folk/hip-hop/rock
-Spends too much time on the computer
-Wears zip up, hooded sweatshirts a lot
-Medium length hair, preferably brown, but blonde and red negotiable
-Finds Ben really funny
-Has a sarcastic yet sweet personality
-Is neither a democrat or republican
-Has never dated a friend of Ben's
-Does not live in Forest Grove. Needs to be in the Hillsboro, Beaverton area
-Likes 62CometSummer's music
-Has her own car and drives it too
-Watches little tv, but the shows she does watch are of high quality (Simpsons, Home Movies, etc)
-Loves to read
-Can hold an intelligent conversation for long periods of time
-Digs Star Wars
-Cute or hot or pretty, or a combination of the three.
-Doesn't have a curfew
-Is between 17 and 19
-Has friends that aren't intimidating
-Smells really good
-Mouth has a slightly sweet taste to it
-Loves to make out
-Loves to snuggle
-Finds Ben adorable
If you meet these requirements, contact Ben Hansen at coldoctobermorning@hotmail.com with a short, 2 paragraph essay of why you are the girl for him.

Don't miss this exciting oppertunity!



Man, what a word. It means what it sounds like it means.

I awoke early today and shook off my six hours of sleep, knowing they'd be back to haunt me.

I drove the mat-mobile around, as he foolishly gave me the keys to his car. I'm not sure I like the old festiva anymore. It's gonna cost me 165 dollars to finish fixing it. Making the total 700 dollars in the last two weeks.

We had our band practice tonight. Sweet Rocknroll is just about finished. It's turning out to be an amazing song. The tentatively titled "Billy's Little Idol" is also working itself out to be stupendous. Hurray for us. Jake and I our the Lenin and Mcartney of our generation

Or at least our band.

I had this odd urge to watch the battle scenes of Saving Private Ryan tonight. So I did. Hmm, sadistic perhaps.

James Taylor. 'Nuff said.