June 30th, 2002


Here I am, back in white

Quite the weekend, I must say.

The wedding was interesting. I must say, I looked STUNNING in a tux. I got to walk down the aisle with a hot swede, but we'll touch on that subject a bit later.

It was amazingly scorching on the stage. One of the brides maids who was pregnant and not feeling well had to get off the stage and go sit down. A bit melodramatic, but it made for an entertaining run.

The reception was okay except for all the STUPID PEOPLE JOKING WITH ME MY BAND SHOULD BE PLAYING AND TELLING ME I SHOULD BE SINGING AND BLAH BLAH BLAH SHUT UP! That joke gets so old once you're told it twice by everyone! I hate my family. I really do.

I danced with my mom...

I danced with my sister...

Let's see...hmmm. I got home and quickly changed clothes because I was going to spend a night on the town with two amazingly, and I do mean amazingly beautiful swedish girls that were oh yeah, my age. We spent the night on the town, starbucking, powellsbooking, and walking. I just felt good watching the guys on the street droll over the two ladies on my arms. Haha. I'm a pimp.

Darn shame they leave tomorrow. Darn shame they're WAY OUT OF MY LEAGUE. Heck, we AREN'T EVEN PLAYING THE SAME GAME.

Today I worked quite a bit and I found myself to be VERY TIRED


Band practice was tragically cancelled and I'm not left to my lonesome tonight.

Obiwan? Ya there?
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