July 2nd, 2002


The Bitter Taste of Dissapointment's Tongue has Raped My Mouth like some sort of raping thing

So many things I needed to get done today and didn't do.

-Get ahold of Jason
-Finish details on Friday's sin
-Get Ahold of Addictions

There are some things, however, I did get done

-Finish Sweet Rock N Roll
-Have band practice (see above)
-Give lyrics to Jake
-Update my livejournal
-I've reached a new low in lameness.
- Lameness Before
- Lameness now

My parents have dissapeared and I'm not sure to where and why and when and how. Well...I know how. By car, methinks. I'm going to take advantage of this absence.

By the way. I'm home alone Thur-Sat. Come and get me ladies.