July 6th, 2002


Party Much?

This weekend has been....I can't really find a word for it. Frustrating...sinful....amusing....horrible...boring...exciting...um...yeah

My fourth of July was a double-edged sword. The first part of the evening was spent jamming in the garage with Jake and his brother which brought much amusement and happiness. From there we moved to the highschool for fireworks and I was able to talk to Jen and some other cool people for awhile. The fireworks themselves were the same, boring fireworks that Forest Grove has every year. But somehow people keep showing up and donating money. I gave two dollars. By the time I was home and ready to go out again it was 12, yet the night was still young. After leaving my house I returned 5 hours later as the sun rose. Things I did....watched a movie...and um.....stuff? Damnit, I'm killing myself.

Not much sleep was obtained as I was soon in Beaverton shopping with Erik and Jason for Jake's party. We bought much food and to Jason's insistence much Alcohol...oh and nudie cards. Never ever go into an adult store. It'll scare you to death.

Let's get the party started.

Jake is late as my directions suck but eventually he and his brother and his soon to be brother-in-law show up. Damnit, this party sucked for 90% percent of the time but sadly I've reached a point that I don't really care. I tried. But some things just went terribly wrong.

Crappy, Akward Things I learned
-Phill is an alcoholic and incredibally annoying and stupid and loud drunk
-Jake doesn't like nudie cards
-Alcohol tastes bad therefore I didn't even drink enough to give me the slightest buzz

Good Things I Learned
-We sound good acoustic, as does Viagravated

What could I have done? Camping? We did'nt have the time or money to pull it off. Bowling? No thanks. I just don't know. Helldamnass. I hate life. I really do.

I've done so many crappy things this weekend. Weekend from hell. Yep yep yep. Utter chaos. Hatred. !!!

Pessimistic much?

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Today I awoke around 230 and sighed.

Around 4 I exercised and it felt real nice. I took a shower, and it felt real nice.

My insurance has gone up to 190 a month and I've never had any accidents or tickets. Haha. I hate life. Did I mention that?

To Do List:
-Get on another insurance policy!

The band practice started and we have Billy's Little Idol let's say...90 percent completed. I'm not down with the singing though, I'll work on that this week. We played our songs for Jake's family but they left eventually cause they didn't really care. Save for Matt, he's a cool guy who appriciates cool music. Hurray for Matt.

Covered in sweat, I then took another shower. Shower Power!

Work much? eh?