July 7th, 2002


You Take My Breath Away

Well, today wasn't so bad. It really wasn't. I awoke early to shave before heading to work. The removal of facial hair was quite succesful and before I knew it I found myself at Alterra Wynwood.

The morning went quasi-smoothly, I did my work, and it was peaceful. After lunch me and Mat half-joked/half-argued about really pointless issues and it was kind of refreshing. Sadly I discovered I'll be working with Bill tomorrow for several hours.

I came home and immediately got down to the exercising. 30 minutes of running and 60 pushups left my rather sweat-strewn. I then cleaned up the garage of our band's mess and hopped into the showering device.

Emerging from the steam-filled bathroom I addressed all my belated thank you letters for my graduation gifts and got Jen's letter ready for the mail.

I read about biochemistry and evolution and how they don't agree. I read some JT stuff.

I'll be in bed in 1.5 hours. Usually that would bother me, but the thing is, I'm kind of liking getting up early and working like a responsible young man. Who knew?
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