July 9th, 2002


Lopin' Along

"line em up"
"jump up behind me"
"up er mei"
"up from your life"

Does James Taylor's "Hourglass" album have an "up" bias? I think so! Why doesn't anyone ever consider the "downs"??

I forgive him. But only because it's an amazing album.

I'm deeply, madly, truely tired. I really am. I'm not too sure of what happened today. I worked 7-3. Only one more to go this week. Erin came over to say goodbye. She's californiaing soon. I began to write speech/toast for Jake. Um...gee. My mom made me food, which was nice.

People are pulling for me at work to get full time, which is nice. As truely sad and pathetic as I may seem to you all, I'm an exceptional worker. Fast, quick-learning, and able to adapt and change. I give it my 110%. Please. Hire me.

I'm not too bad looking either *wink wink, nod nod*


Ananas means pineapple I think. That would explain it when someone says "Ananas, sweet on the inside, rough on the outside"
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