July 11th, 2002


The Yesterday-extra extra, read all about it

Ho hum.

Yesterday was actually a pretty decent day, come to think of it. Besides posting my epic insights on how apathy equals dirt, I was able to further my progress as a human being in many fields and aspects.

Would you like to hear about it?

None the less, I will share with you; the reader.

Awaking early I drove off to work in my car that's not quite alright. Work was a fine event save for breaking a few hundred dishes and poking myself with broken glass. All in all however, it could not ruin the experience of serving the eldery their food. What a lovely romp.

Coming home I sweated quite a bit in a really hot house. I was under the condition we had air conditioning!

Last night Jake, Tim, and I spent our last night hanging out with the un-married version of Jake. We payed for his meal at Red Robins and talked about the things we used to talk about before we got in the band. Jake and I then finished the evening watching The Who on video tape and frolicking about like school children who've discovered a goldmine of lollipops and other tasty delights.

That's all.