July 12th, 2002


A Day Late

Yesterday was....Thursday? Yes, Thursday. Let's see here. Not having a car really puts a damper on one's activities.

I slept in, gracefully, thankfully. It was delicious. I'm not really sure what all I did until 4. I worked at four for just a few hours and thus ended my work week. Work was actually pretty decent. We were fast, we were funny, and we were slick.

I arrived home from work and quickly got ready for my date with Jon Bighill (the jon bighill!) and Jonah "oh my God!" sissoyev. I LOVE THESE THESE GUYS. The humour that is had between us during our sessions together is monumental. We cruised, oggled chicks, planned a camping trip and listened to Jon's AMAZING new solo stuff. I'm his biggest fan.

Hmmm...slept at 4...woke up way too early. I blame urination and the noisy kerrang klutterbucket of cleaning on that.