July 13th, 2002


The Prettier You Are, The Lonlier I Become

I am the best man. Ever.

Well, it's been a plethora of wedding activity over the last two days, most noteably, the wedding. It's time for me to talk a bit about this and that and perhaps you'll gain some enjoyment and insight from the things I've done recently.

Yesterday evening the rehearsal took place and it went much smoother than I had anticipated. It was beastly hot, but no more so than we knew it would be, and it didn't take all that long, which is always a benefit.

The dinner was to take place at the Olive Garden and indeed it did. I drove with Kyle and we bonded over numerous things, mostly discussing the girls and trying to figure out just what we're doing wrong.

The dinner itself was pleasant, I ordered some form of stuffed poultry and didst consume it quickly and efficiently. I kicked Suzie a lot under the table and DAMNIT, everytime I hang out with that woman I start liking her over again and it lasts for about a week and then we don't talk to eachother and then it goes away to wait for a few months before we see eachother again. oi

There was some more stuff, but let's skip it.

The wedding today was a lovely affair. The ceremony went off pretty well. The music during wedding included the Get Up Kids, Moby, The Beach Boys, and the theme from Peanuts. How could you go wrong? I think it was the first time distorted guitars have ever played in that church. It was monumental. It was very hot also. I sweat from my back dripped to my waste, overflowed, and splashed my legs, eventually collecting in my shoes.

The reception was also a lovely affair, as I gave a bit of a speech/toast speaking of Jake's and my relationship over the years. I was rather worried about it, but I think it went pretty well, all things considered.

I took a nap this afternoon and then was off to Hillsboro to return a movie for Jake, late of course. After that I decided to go hit up the 185th starbucks and sit and write aimlessly in my journal. The title of this entry is one of the deep thoughts I penned to paper.

That is all.