July 14th, 2002


That Beautiful Blonde is Sure Living up to her Name

I'm not really sure how I am these days. My band is doing well, my job is going well, I'm moving out, I have neat things planned that I do look forward to, and so on and so forth. In that way, things are going great.

I am, however, terribly lonely as of late. Not the type of "I need a girl to kiss me" type of lonely (though I'm always like that) but the kind of "I have no one to talk to and I'm a pathetic being" type of lonely.

My moods swing from slaphappy to absolute despair.

Pity me? Yes please. Send my cards and flowers and buy me things. Ladies, please offer your untouchables to me.


I have so many things I need to do tomorrow. Don't you just hate that type of day? It'll start at 6 and end around...6.

I hate this type of day.