July 15th, 2002


Portland is the Lane of Geese

Wow I was tired when my alarm went off at six this morning. I felt dead. I actually thought I was for awhile. In some sort of horrible, horrible hell. I kept hitting the snooze button until I realized I'd be late to work. Man I Was tired. I couldn't get to sleep for the life of me last night, and I payed dearly. oi

Work was kind of a blur, you see, I was a bit tired. Mat showed up five minutes late as usual, but I did enjoy my time with him. For being so different, we seem to get along quite nicely.

I tried to have my mom cut my hair today, just the back. It didn't work. I had to drive into hillsboro and get it fixed shortly thereafter at a price of 6.50. I'm such an idiot, I knew it wasn't going to work and yet I strived to succeed. I do this a lot. Do things that theoretically could be good even though realistically I know I'm going to fail.

My spelling is rank.

Rank is a good word.

Pungent is a gross word.