July 18th, 2002


We once walked out on the beach

And once I almost touched your hair.

Jimmy Eat World is playing a show on the mtv. How big have they become? Wow. 62CometSummer has a bit of the JEW vibe in it I suppose. Perhaps it's a formula for success.

Wow I gorged. I came home at 1 am and now I'm so hungry. I ate crackers, meat, more crackers, licorice, two cups of juice, and a small dog. I'm not really sure what's up with that. I ate at 6....I guess 7 hours is just too much for me.

I hung out with Jon tonight, roommate plan number 2. Erik has yet to find a job so I've recruited a backup plan. Jon has a full-time job and is itching to move out. We talked about moving ,etc, and we're gonna look at the places tomorrow. I'd rather move in with Erik, but if he's a no go, I'll have a nice cushion to fall back on. Huzzah. He gave me a cd of many of his tunes, all of which I'm really looking forward to listening to tonight as I head to bed (floor)

Jon and I hit the starbucks tonight. That place has become my second home. Sadly? I'm not quite sure. Either way we talked and laughed and I wasted money on some coconut stuff. We stopped in a sharis to sit and tell the people we were waiting for someone. We stood outside a safeway and drank pop. We made sweet love on the hood of a car.

I've been pissing in the wind

I chanced a foolish grin
And dribbled on my chin.

Girls, females, ladies, chicks, chicas, mamas, women. Arrr. Why must you dominate and corrupt my life so? I'm a pathetic, pathetic young man. I really am. I'm so intoxicated by something I hate. I'm drunk on toilet water. ARRR. My life sucks. Why? Because of you! I hate you all. Now come, love me.

Moving on, I had the distinct pleasure of driving my father's car tonight. I'm in love with the little silver bullet. Perhaps it's because his car works, as apposed to my car.

oh yeah THEY DIDN'T FIX IT FOR THE 3RD TIME. Back in the shop soon I suppose. I'm considering buying a new (used) car here soon. I'm tired of this crap. I only fear that the new car will have problems of its own.

Speaking of driving the car, I did it in the company of Kyle Aldrich, drummer and friend. We complained about girls (of which he has more problems then I) and went to winco to buy 3 dollars worth of candy which is suprisingly quite a lot.

Jon and I checked out apartments today.

Music Rules!