July 21st, 2002


I'll only shut up with your tongue in my mouth.

You know Livejournal is really just like writing an email to someone. At least that's how I feel.

You know, I waste a lot of words.


I'm sitting in front of my computer (imagine that) and making a lovely tape for my lovely friend Jen Turner. It's quite a wondeful thing. Though only nine songs, it's quality is unmatchable. This tape is only available from me, you won't find it in stores!

Yesterday I worked a good 10.5 hours at Alterra. It was an interesting affair with plenty of ups and downs. Just so you all know, Brenda is a terribly lazy worker and a bum at that. She wanted to borrow my car to go on break! Ha! I told her no, then I smoted her.

I worked quite awhile with the Katelyn and there was an incredible amount of flirtation for the later hours of the night. It all went to crap though, don't ask.


Today work was chaos! No dishwasher! ARRR. Mat got called in. He wasn't happy. He'd been at warped tour the day/night/early morning before and he'd gotten a speeding ticket and no sleep. Things were better though, we went our seperate ways and napped after work only to come together to stroke balls at the driving range.

peace out