July 24th, 2002


Let's see here, hmmm

Well yesterday was a day off. My car is dying. It spews out green liquid like yoda coughing up his innards. It's really depressing and frustrating but strangly amusing.

Jake and Cassie stopped by. Twas kind of odd to see them both together after said marriage. They had sex. How gross is that? I couldn't look them in the eyes.

You know when you get a weird spasm or twitch in a muscle, not really painful, just small quick movements? I had one in my butt for over 40 hours. I went to bed with a twitching butt and awoke with a twitching butt. Fortunately it left not too long ago.

I went to Carlee's birthday party last night. It started out a bit odd because of certain conversations her and I had had before me showing up to the Red Robins. Eventually things progressed to some form of normalcy. That whole situation is...I don't even know a word for it. We hung out in the lovely Shute Park and I talked to this Hispanic guy named Adrian about work and sex. He barely spoke english and I think he was toasted.

Today I worked for quite awhile. Conclusions: Brenda annoys me. I shouldn't work so hard, I really shouldn't. Mat's little dinner was tonight. There were so many former highschoolers that didn't know me. I was very quiet. It got better as the evening went on, however. Mat is quite the fellow.

On that note, I sleep.

The Girl

Another one bites the dust.

It's okay, its potential was lacking and it's foundation was crap anyways.


!!! to all of you

(no subject)

I think I hate livejournal. I feel guilty if I don't write in it but I hated my day so much that I don't have any desire to speak anything of it.

Livejournal is the great satan. Everyone has it. You can't write anything personal because all the people you know are going to read it. I'm just part of the problem too. I got it from a friend, therefore that's one less person that friend can talk honestly about.

Know this, if I could, I'd rip you all a new one.

Except for you...

And maybe you.