March 28th, 2004


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There is a very insightful quote from an enlightenment-period thinker that I have placed on my wall; "Invent writing; democracy is inevitable". Now, hundreds of years later I believe there is another apt quote to update the political picture; "Invent television; democracy is doomed."


It is a tragedy that this great nation is so uninvolved with its own pathway through history. There are those who say that they do not vote because it somehow won't make a difference. I say that they won't make a difference because they do not vote.

Majority rule has given away to majority apathy which then therefore opens the door for minority rule. Majorities will always tend toward laziness where as minorities are passionately zealous over their causes.

If, of course, the minority is championing a just cause then history has shown us that over time and with fierce debate, the majority will indeed come around. But what if that minority finds a way to obtain their goal without public debate, without legislative action? Would that truthfully be the healthiest scenario for our nation, or any nation?


The average individual has grabbed his friends and family, formed a small, fortified pact and hunkered down. At this point the sum focus of all the members of this micro-society is directed on a very local level. Personal interests, family gatherings, the obtaining of finances, avoidance of trouble and the pursuit of pleasure then become the sole focuses and recipients of this micro-society's time and effort.

While it is necessary and healthy to spend a large amount of time securing a good and safe existence for the individual and those he is familiar with, there is no excuse to brush off or just plainly ignore the other groups of micro-societies and the vast, macro-society that provides so much that the micro-societies take for granted.

Police, fire and rescue, schools, parks, campgrounds, electricity, water, roads, highways, social security, medicare, the entire military-industrial complex...the list goes on and on. These things are constructed, run and taxed by this government that so many refuse to give even an hour of attention to in the course of an entire week.