March 30th, 2004


WARNING--God Talk--WARNING--God Talk--WARNING--God Talk--WARNING--God Talk

A bit of an exposition of my personal experience with the Creator of experiences.

"On The Personal and Willful Suppression of Truth by the Believer"

There will often come a time in the Christian's life when he will attempt to suppress what he knows to be true in order to obtain enjoyment out of what he knows will only bring him temporary satisfaction.

As time passes, the believer will become moderately successful in silencing the voice within himself whispering that what he is doing is completely foolish. At this point the cycle begins. When, in a harsh moment of reality, the believer comes to subjectively understand that the little pleasures of the flesh and the heavy doses of peer acceptance are in no way filling the pit of emptiness within his soul, he too often is prone to closing his eyes and increases the amount of debauchery. This continues for some time but the satisfaction that is sought is long in arriving. It is instead replaced with unhappiness, lack of meaning, and cynicism.

Perhaps the most personally telling time of the believer's spiritual misplacement is in the moments when he begins to lie about the very beliefs that have been put in his heart with a supernatural touch. These truths cannot be removed. As he muddles through explanations of his beliefs and tries not to offend anyone with a statement of moral certainty, his own conscious will cry out.

It is down this unhappy road that the believer knowingly and willfully may go.

God, however, does not suffer from the believers flawed characteristics and will not be caught apathetic to the struggles of his own. He may woo back the prodigal son with a stark realization of all he has been given or he may completely devastate the believer's life until there is nothing to do but surrender.

When, blessedly, the believer decides that he must change, he faces perhaps the most monumental challenge; hard work. There is no satisfaction for the believer without an earnest walk with God. But there will be no earnest walk with God without hard work. A broken relationship takes effort. All too often the believer looks at how far he has to go in order to change and decides that it is too difficult for his weak-will. He sadly then chooses to remain secretly dissatisfied with his own work and way. It is at this stage that the unbeliever casts off all notion that he is a man with integrity. He simply becomes a weakly child.

The harder the believer works his way back to his Creator, the easier his burden becomes. The closer the believer comes to God the faster he'll increase his pace.

It happened to me.

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