April 3rd, 2004


Minute Maid

It appears that I've long since lost my ability to sleep one moment later than eight in the am. Regardless of how late I retire the previous evening, my body will not let me slumber past the mid-morning. On a positive note; this is a boost to my daily productivity. On a negative note; zombies truly aren't that productive.

Today was the last full day that I spent vacationing in my parents house. They arrive in a few hours and I'll be heading out to pick them up in the resident minivan. It truely has been a nice detour from the normal routine (not that to normal routine isn't enjoyable, of course).

I spent my day washing and cleaning both their vehicles, reading a magazine here and there, and watching an interview with the first lady on one of those cartoonish cable news networks.

On a disturbing yet interesting note, I made the most unique of sandwiches today. (I know, I know, my life is so exciting). I took two pieces of frozen bread, straight from the freezer. On that yeasty sheet of ice I placed a large amount of peanut-butter. After spreading the peanut-butter thoroughly, I added several teriyaki beef-sticks to the mix. Yes, the frozen peanut-butter teriyaki sandwich.

If I ever invite you on a picnic, I'll understand if you respectfully decline.