April 18th, 2004


a bit of prose

Time is forever knit around our existence. We are creatures in time. The past; our memories, the years-all take place in time.

Getting to know a God whom exists outside that realm is a disconcerting and yet at the same time comforting process. He knows all yet transcends all. He knows my future because to Him my future is now. God is already responding to and guiding me through the choices I will make tomorrow. Though this concept can be stunningly heavy, it is also warmly comforting.

On day the element of time, for me and the others who know God, will cease. We will join Him in His own enviornment. We will come home.

nothing new under the sun


Who, me?

I'm just meandering. Dilly-Dallying. You know...

Don't mind me, please.

Don't get up.

Anyhow, I awoke a few days back and it came to my attention that I had been bleeding while asleep (a very dangerous scenario, mind you)

I wrote this epic piece of poetry to describe the scene.

I bleed in bed from foot to head
Both night and day life slips away
The red; it pours from windows, doors
My body light my life in flight
And why? And how? I do not know
Rivers run, fight not the flow.

Thank you.