April 24th, 2004


"...And you will go out and rejoice like calves released from the stall..."

Ah weekend-embrace me sweetly. It is good to be in your arms again. You are music with perfect melody. You are sixty-eight degrees. You are glorious.

I do enjoy these weekends.

I suppose this little bit of flattery would give someone the wrong impression that I don't enjoy the weekdays. Yes, I suppose so...but what can you do about other people's impressions? You can change them from time to time, yes, but most of the time it isn't worth the effort. The mind works far too fast to reign it in, especially when it is not your own.

I turned twenty this Friday. My parents took me out to dinner and treated me to fine dining and gracious gifts. I am no longer a teenager. As with most people, it took seven years.