April 30th, 2004


LiveJournal Update

I'm am trying really hard to think of something interesting or clever of which I can post tonight. I've had an entire week to update this thing and yet nothing imaginative is coming forth at the moment.

Earlier this week I was thinking of posting my views on every political debate, issue, and major canidate...but right now I don't have the energy. It was more for my own clearheadedness than anything else anyways.

I wrote an interesting (to me at least) piece on why being a Christian should dramatically change a person's world-view, yet I don't have it with me.

I did enjoy my week, but the details are all quite nuanced and would mean nothing to those who didn't experience them. And even if a person did, our perspectives are likely to be so different that values of worth and interest would certaintly be considered relative.

I am reading a very good biography of the Bush family dynasty from the 1870s-present day occurences. It is neither a conspiracy theory "bush is hitler" type book, nor a "bush is the savior of mankind and all that is good" type of book. Quite an interesting family, more connected and powerful then any other family in america I would say. My opinion of that family, and in particular, that man...is slowly starting to form...hmmm...i'll keep you informed.

The music is good.
The work is good.
The sun is good (in moderation)
God is good.

Four outta four ain't bad.

-benja min