May 8th, 2004


Whom Shall I Fear?

Life can be brilliantly frustrating sometimes.

This weekend has been a challenge. Money has been spent too liberally. My health, like a fleeting lover, has left me. Work has been...difficult...I have an extremely bad habit of crashing vehicles into one another. I'm just not good at driving it seems...and sadly that is a key element of my vocation.

This coverage of the Iraqi prisoner abuse photographs has also upset me thouroughly. And I ask you this question: Can America win a war in the hyper-media age?

Yes, challenging..but never overwhelming. I'm being taught a lesson. I'm loosening my grip on my own fortunes and allowing someone else to bear the load. It's not easy, no. But it does get easier.

I wonder why I'm calling it "the weekend". At this point, the weekend has really just begun. I suppose that is a good thing though. Time for change, yes. Time for coffee shops and car-rides and time for rest. Yes, rest. After all, isn't that what weekends are for?