May 29th, 2004


Hello there, tell me how have you been?

I spent an evening with my friend Jen this week. A Thursday evening to be exact. It was delightful. Jen is wonderful, let me tell you. She is as delightful as she is intelligent, as charming as she is graceful.

We visited the Alladin Theatre and took in a show. The Decemberists were playing and we listened intently. We took in the music slowly, soothingly. The pleasure was simple yet it moved our souls with a shameless decadence.

It has been a very busy week and therefore it has gone quickly. I'm spending quite a lot of time and effort at work and establishing somewhat of a makeshift comradery with both the business and my coworkers. Hard work is somewhat of a tonic for the restless soul.

Is anyone else as intrigued and amused and even frustrated by this presidential race. I love the act of politcs. Mr. Kerry needs to present clear and overtly optimistic alternatives in clearer, more simplistic ways. Mr. Bush needs to speak more often and respond directly to some of the mass of criticism that he's trying to escape from under. And for the love of all things holy, he needs to find that fine line between resoluteness and downright stubborness. I was very pleased by Mr. Kerry's recent speak on breaking the horrid stagnation of teacher tenure that has worked against school improvement for far too long. Couple good teachers with a healthy influx of well-spent money and perhaps we can turn our schools around. I am also very pleased in how well the economy is recovering, and though presidents don't actually control the economy in any tangible way, since Mr. Bush is currently holding the governmental reigns, we'll have to give him credit (for at least not getting too much in the way). Regardless of all this, the election is riding on what is going on in Iraq come November. Unfortunately, neither Mr. Bush nor Mr. Kerry can really control that arena in the ways they wish they could.

And if there is anything in this world that brings me comfort despite government failures is this fact: Nations rise and fall; God remains.

Well...I have no more.

I'm sorry, I'm not going to spell-check or proofread.