July 4th, 2004


Do Not Read If You Are Feeling Pessimistic....wait..do read it you sorry oaf!

Ah life is sweet.

And so it is. I apologize if you do not agree but if you do not agree you are wrong.

God has been very good to me. Such friends, such times, such blustery romances and romantic blusters. Such music and comradery and such potential and the future looks ever so enticing. Time is short. I squeeze the sand and it pours from my hand. I'm going to keep on squeezing until my hands are sand-free and they kick me off the beach.

I know that the good circumstances come and that they go. People die, people get cancer, marriages fall apart, people are betrayed, wars occur. I know all of this. I've experienced much of this. And I'm so happy I have. I have peace, what else could a person ask for?

Peace, not perfection. Peace, not ignorance. I have my concerns yes. I'm a bit unstable, a bit un-self assured, a bit immature, a dash reckless, a pinch too timid. A bit proud, too much in the way of vain. But tonight I'm content. I'm warm.

I know that this all is going to read like some light-weight fluff peace of a sleep-deprived boy who can't see straight. I know it sounds like a sermon. I'm glad it does. What's the point of finding truth if you're not going to share it with others.

Then again...no one reads this thing.

Anyhow, special notes:

-I'm playing music again and I love it
-Pieces are coming together, Lord willing I'll be in Sweden soon
-Carlee is a sweet, charming young woman. And easy on the eyes.
-Amber Dawn is the spiritual companion I've long needed. She is THE friend I've been missing.
-Jonah Sissoyev is a gift
-The new Wilco album really grows on a person
-I'm going to stop now.