July 6th, 2004


The News

So Mr. Kerry has chosen Mr. Edwards to be his running mate. Sadly, I wish it were the other way around. I was a diligent follower of Edwards in the primaries, but that seems like eons ago. He's just so utterly good at being a politician.

I'm not sure, however, how he's going to do in the debates. Mr. Cheney lacks charm, yes, but he's a very shrewd man, even brilliantly so-regardless of whether one thinks he uses that brillance for good or ill. Edwards can seem like somewhat of a populist political lightweight due to his short years of government experience. He shall have to do his homework. Then again, the electorate is so braindead he may be able to win with nothing but a smile and a southern drawl.

I really wish I could view the debates from Sweden. I'll read about them yes, perhaps catch news broadcasts via the internet....but woe is me, tis not the same!

Hmm, is anyone interested in recording them and mailing them to me on VHS? I can only pay you in gratitude and a copious amount of winks and nods.

Moving on.

I'm going to be heading to work soon, mere minutes to be exact. I do hope you all have a good day.

The Shining

Good evening.

Work has come and come and I have as well. It was actually quite busy considering our glut of new workers. I suppose having too many is better than too few, in this case at least. I did get in a 14 minute nap within the confines of my automobile. It was really quite splendid. I fell asleep to Led Zeppelin and awoke to Queen. I was classically rocked.

My packet with an application for my Visa was placed into the mail today. That is a huge burden off my shoulders. It's out of my hands now and soon it'll be in the hands of some Swede (those crazy socialists).

I awoke this morning on my early schedule. I do love the mornings. 430am came and greeted me with a newscast and a brief flirtation with the snooze button. By 440 I was, however, fully awake and making some sort of beverage...if I can remember correctly.

Newspapers were read, food was consumed, clothes were put on, bags were packed. Among other scriptual dabblings I got into 2nd Samuel Chapter 1 this morning, quite humbling. Love thy enemy as thyself, eh? I've a long way to go on that one. Sometimes I feel as if my ball of clay is going to wait ages before it begins to resemble anything besides an ashtray. But I suppose one must look behind oneself to see that one used to not even be able to hold the ashes. Progress? Yes.

But I am young! Yes, I am. Not as if I have any knowledge of how long I'll walk this dizzying planet, but who does, really? A giant vulture could carry me off to build a nest out of my sorry bones this very evening. Let us pray this does not happen. I couldn't bear the thought of such a humerous passing. My funeral would be disruptive at best.

I'm enjoying the tunes of the most modest Modest Mouse this evening. I think that is enough.

Oh, by the way. Take a look at the head photo on this article, don't even read the article, and tell me who MSNBC wants as our next president. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/5377813/

I almost screamed in terror. It's Edwards versus The Vicious Ogre of the Darklands from what I can tell.