July 8th, 2004


this one is of low quality

How quickly the week works itself toward completion. Time goes by so quickly. I think it's absolutely splendid. The more one lives the more one is stimulated by all the input that this landscape has to offer. Unfortunately many of us become rather jaundiced by it all and it loses its.."shinyness" as it were. I can't speak for them.

Who am I kidding, I can't speak for anyone.


"Accepting Sean Penn's academy award for best actor tonight is everyone's good friend...Ben Hansen!"

Me: "Uh...thanks. Hey...good to see you all here. Um...I guess...heh..."

See? It'd be a complete catastrophe.

I'm not sure what I have to say today. I think I said it all as the hours passed by. It's truly difficult to explain how I feel, the way thoughts pass through my head, the intentions and their results that abound in my life. You know what I mean. People are so amazingly, beautifully intricate. But they are also dead. They know not the splendor that they hold deep within themselves. They are timid, afraid, insecure. They can't be bold. Bold is terrifying. We are a world of the walking dead just waiting for something, someone to wake us up. Who among us truly lives? Truly? Those people are few, sadly so.

My writing is annoying me. I apologize if it has the same effect on you.

Ah well. I am not my words.