July 9th, 2004


The Bird

I do not fare all that well with little sleep. And indeed I knew this last night when I chose to venture forth into the cold night air and stir things up. Ah, but I wouldn't have missed it for all the sleep in the world. (how much sleep, by the way, is in the world?)

No no, it was a good evening last night. Our oppertunity for bowling was smited by of all things, music! Curses music; you ruin everything. We moved on. We starbucked. We tended a book or a two. We moved on. Soon my good friend Tim, his good friend Holly, and her good friend Keisha (whose name I'm going to assume is spelled this way) were flying about fancifully in this house of which I am sitting. It was enjoyable. I had a fine evening. I do believe my good friend Tim did as well being that he was able to drive a motor vehicle from my place of work that would put his fleet of Toyota's to shame. God bless the Germans. They can do no wrong....ahem.

Soon I will be attending evening church services down the road and around the bend. I'm on my way to go pick up my dearest friend Amber-Dawn. She's been hiding in Canada for the last week, so they'll be much to catch up on. I'll bring a glove and a basket.


Oh, by the way. My parent's have a mentally handicapped bird that lives outside their back porch. He flies into their sliding glass door around 203 times a day. After bouncing back and shaking his head a bit, he takes another shot. This creature just will not learn. I'm praying that God will show mercy and take the poor thing's life....or maybe we should just open the door? Any advice?